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By-Law Description
2023-013 Being a By-Law to Prohibit the Throwing, Placing, or Deposting of Refuse or Debris on Private or Township Property 
2022-26 Entrance By-Law & Application & Maintenance Waiver
2021-07 Cottages on Seasonal Roads
2020-15 Off-Road Vehicle By-law
2019-08 Tree Canopy and Natural Vegetation Policy 
2018-09 Joly Zoning By-law
2018-17 Set Tax Rates for Township purposes for the year 2018
2023-16 Establish fees or charges for services provided by the Township of Joly and to rescind by-law 2018-19; Schedules A,B & C
2014-15 Licensing and regulation of dogs and kennels
2014-14 Adopt Customer Service and Integrated Accessibility Standards
2014-12 Authorize the sale of land for tax arrears
2014-11 Impose fees for services by the Fire Department
2014-02 Adopt optional tools for the purposes of administering limits for the Commercial, Industrial and Multi-Residential Property Classes for the year 2014
2013-26 License trailers in the Municipality
2012-10 Authorize and regulate signage
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