Township Plans

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Official Plan

The purpose of the Official Plan for the Township of Joly, is to establish a policy framework to guide the physical, social and economic development of the Township, and to protect the natural environment within the Township to the year 2021. Through this Official Plan it is Council's intent to:

View the Official Plan - Consolidated to January 20, 2020

Zoning By-Law

View the Zoning By-Law 2018-009 - Consolidated to January 20, 2020

General Zoning Amendments:

2020-007 Cannabis 

2021-07 Seasonal Cottage on Seasonal Road

Energy Management Plan

View the 2014 Joly Township Energy Management Plan

Asset Management Plan

View the 2013 Joly Township Asset Management Plan

Municipal Accessibility Plan

View the 2013-2018 Joly Township Municipal Accessibility Plan

Emergency Response Plan

The township has a Emergency Response Plan in place if an emergency were to occur. We are looking for individuals or groups to share their time/equipment (backhoe, bulldozer, truck, tractor, dump truck, admin) if the plan is implemented. Interested parties please contact the township for further information.

View the Emergency Response Plan