Local Organizations

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Almaguin Highlands Health Centre | www.almaguin-health.org

Almaguin Highlands Information Centre | www.almaguinhighlands.com/almaguin/region

Almaguin Highlands Arts Council | www.almaguinhighlandsartscouncil.com

Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce | almaguinhighlandschamberofcommerce.wildapricot.org

Burk’s Falls & Area Community Economic Development Committee (BACED) | baced.ca

Central Almaguin Economic Development Association (CAEDA) | www.centralalmaguin.net

Northern Ontario Travel | www.northernontario.travel

Schools – Near North District School Board | www.nearnorthschools.ca

Sundridge-Strong Library | www.olsn.ca/sundridgestronglibrary